Russian courses for foreigners

Educational center «Lektorium» is offering you various courses of Russian as a foreign language:

Advantages of our courses:

  • Expert teachers of Russian as a foreign language with many years’ experience and with students all over the world.
  • Modern educational resources: latest course books and materials designed by our teachers, presentations, various multimedia materials.
  • Communicative way of teaching. Our teachers use advanced methods and techniques that encourage you to speak during the classes. We have plenty of fascinating illustrated materials, during our classes you will participate in role playing and language games, listen to Russian songs, watch Russian films, and so on.
  • Development of all your language skills. We devote equal time and effort to assist you in the development of your writing, speaking, reading and listening skills.
  • Topic-based presentation of study materials. During our classes you will learn to speak on various topics and situations. This should help you to feel comfortable in a new language environment and to keep up any kind of conversation without difficulties.
  • Taking account of your mother tongue, your culture and your learning aims. Although our courses are taught in Russian, our study materials are foreigner-oriented. Besides, our teachers have a good command of foreign languages, so you will always be able to understand each other.
  • Various study options: individual training, group training (in groups of 3–5 members) and corporate training.

You can sign up to take a course of Russian as a foreign language any time of the year.

To sign up, contact us by phone 8 (044) 584 44 91 (Velcom); 8 (029) 584 44 91 (MTS) or by e-mail Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. (please, state your name, age, learning aims and preferred schedule).

Classes can be held at our location or in your office.

Address: Minsk, 21/2 Minina street, office 37.